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I am Mimiko, nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my site ♥

Well, this LJ is fandom blog as the post will mostly contain random talks about animes and stuff. 
I also have made post of links for downloading animes in RAW episodes (no subs) but that will mostly be friends only post, if you want to download them friend request ^^

Here are the list that I have upload for download (notice they are from MU site to download):
Angel Beats! 
Kuroshitsuji II
Seitokai no Ichizon
07-Ghost (coming soon)
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (plan to upload)
Arakawa Under the Bridge (plan to upload)
Hetalia season 1 (maybe!?)

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So, If you want to talk about anything just message, comment or anything. Don't be shy, I'm friendly!
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Persona 4 The Animation Persona summoing

Pe-r-so-na.... and its finally here!!!

Uh, that was kind of a strange opening for this blog. But that was how I felt when I saw the summoning. It just had to be expressed that way. I just had to. I definitely was not disappointed with how it was present. The animation, the music and the characters were presented greatly. For fans who had played the game, will most likely enjoy it to death. While for those who are new to the series, will probably find the whole thing rushed. Still, it's very worth to watch!

In the beginning, we have the Velvet Room where Igor and Margaret is introduced to us and the protagonist. Like the game, they were foreshadowing with tarot cards, telling us that something terrible is going to happen. (Spoiler warning in case: Tower Card considered as an ill omen card, while the moon could mean a mystery path laying ahead. So in short it foreshadowing a plot with a bad sign).

Persona summoing 

Our protagonist, Yuu Narukami, is a transfer student who moved to a small rural town Yasoinaba. It is a quiet and peaceful town, and here he is to spend 1 year with Ryotaro Dojima and his daughter, Nanako. The peaceful town though, didn't last for long. A bizarre murder happened on his first day at school. and in the next second he got friends who suggested him to watch Midnight Channel at precise 12, where he ended up getting almost eaten by a TV.... right. The next day, he told his new friends Chie Satonaka, Yosuke Hanamura & Yukiko Amagi about his god know what had happened. No one of course believe him and they jokily suggested him to try a bigger TV so maybe he might get through. Yuu proved to them and in process freaked them out, making Yosuke need to pee and because of that they ended up in the Mayonaka TV world. There strange monsters were coming after them and in order to fight against it, Yuu summoning Izanagi, a persona that can fight against those shadows. And so, a badass semi-stripping and a closeup sexy smirk by Yuu ended the show.

Things happened so fast in the anime even though I did mention it presented great, it didn't really present in a great flow. The pacing was SO rushed even for me who had played the game, so I could guess it must be harder for those who's new to the series. I understand that in order to makes things interesting, the summoning must be present in the first episode. However it fail with the pacing so much it hurts to watch at times. So hopefully from now on things will slow down and give it more times for built up and for us to get use to the environment. Looking at the preview, we hopefully will get that a character development and a better insight of them.

Persona summoing Persona summoing

What I really like in the anime though was that they kept the day transitions and Yuu's Status Parameters, which we usually see in the game, was very amusing to see in the anime. Another thing I really love as the fan of the game, was that they kept the game soundtrack and used them in the anime as well. When "Pursuing my true self" come up as an opening theme, I was so much in joy I almost shouted out loud. As for the animation, I was used to the vivid color so this is 2x better and the action scene was just fabulous. However there were some part where the characters face was very odd, but nothing is perfect so it should be expected.. I guess? (and this was the most hyped series..)

So far it look good and promising so far as an adaption from a game. If they could keep it up like this and slow the pace down a little, it will definitely be one of the best adaptation!

P.S I had to express that I was disappointed with King Moron's short appearance. In fact, I was even more disappointed that he was less nasty than he was in the game. The option "Did you just said I'm a loser!?" was just the friggin best option at that time (  ̄ー ̄)

Persona summoing
Sensei, I'm disappoint in you!

Persona summoing
I'm pretty sure some fanboys missed this pointless scene that didn't shows up.

(I know I posted it on this blog as well.. I am still fighting over which site i should go for though. I loved fc2's theme design in which I prefer fc2 over LJ, still LJ isn't bad to use for blogging)

Starry☆Sky episode 1 [review]

Christmas is near and today Starry☆Sky anime is finally release as well. The anime is broadcast on Animate TV so I went to their site to watch. After all, being a fan of the game, I just got to watch this even though I know it wouldn't be great. Overall it was decent and fun to watch, if you simply don't have a high expectation that is =)

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Durarara episode 25 pic (twitter)

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